What is a Canal?

feature--2A Canal is an artificial dump or trench in the earth, for confining water in a characterized channel, to be used for purposes of transportation. The meaning of this word, when connected to artificial passages for water, is an excavation or trench in the earth, for leading water and binding it to narrow limits. It is unlike the words “stream”, “lake”, “pond” and different words used to assign common waterways, the normal meaning of which is bound to the water itself. However, it includes also the banks, and has reference rather to the excavation or channel as a container for the water, it is an artificial thing. Read More →

Top 5 Well Known Canals in the World

feature--1From Panama Canals to Suez Canals, different canals in the world have been well known to provide ease in travel in navigation and now also attracts tourist attraction to remind Us how the natural resources and human ideas can co exist and promotes a great result. Read More →

The Role of Canals in Human History

feature--3The Creation and opening of Canals in Human History have helped ease the travel from Europe to asia and Americas and have helped produced great human minds by expediting the transport of Goods, services and knowledge to each other. Other than that mentioned, Canals have also made a lot of difference in our history‚Ķ. Read More →